What does Town Council do?

The Nashville Town Council passes ordinances and resolutions in the best interest of its constituents

How is the Town COuncil elected?

The town of Nashville is represented by 5 members. 3 from zoned districts and 2 voted on "at-large," by the general community.

What does Anna Bring?

Anna is a smart passionate facilitator, who loved Brown County as a kid and made her home here as an adult.  She works hard to make sure every voice is heard, and makes a positive impact in her actions.  She's a strong, decisive leader and can shake things up in community where so many officials are "the same ten people." She wants to protect the natural beauty of her home and make sure that it is a place where her two kids, and the rest of Towns will grow up, in safety, to feel welcome and engaged.  


Where is their area?


The town council is responsible for a ten square mile area in Washington Township, in Brown County, Indiana.  

What issues are important?

The Town Council's responsibilities evolve with local needs.  A comprehensive list can found at their website.  Recently, they have passed ordinances and resolutions related to water infrastructure, zoning needs, and fostering interest in the arts.  

How can I help Anna?

Few people listen as well, as Anna does. If she hasn't already sought your input, the best way to be helpful in her campaign and or projects is to reach out via e-mail, or phone call.  No stranger to working hard, if needed she can be easily found at Hotel Nashville providing great dining service and an open ear to her beloved friends and the occasional concerned citizen.